Chronicles of Andy and Pat

Back in the mid 1990’s Andy was a fledgling manager just starting out in his leadership career. He had been a relatively successful field sales rep within the company but wanted something else. He was offered the role as Customer Service Manager for a large London branch of the business. This was where Andy first encountered Pat the site General Manager. Pat was a larger than life Irish man, the first generation to be born outside of Ireland. Very well educated with a home counties accent that quickly moved west across the UK into Eire, only stopping at Cork or Kerry as the Guinness was consumed. Pat took an immediate liking to young Andy and took him under his not insignificant wing. These are the tales of the journey and the laughs they shared to that great destination of LEADERSHIP

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Episode 2 - You can drive.pdf
Episode 3 - Good, Fast and Cheap.pdf
Episode 4 - Not every day is a good day.pdf