Who is Dave?

I left school at 16 and took a job as a post clerk in the head office of a national business in the London Suburbs. It was the beginning of a journey that developed a thirst for knowledge that has never diminished and a recognition that fun is the axis of a happy life. That first job allowed me to learn about every department in the company, to experience every type of leader. It was an amazing beginning. Now over 35 years later with vast experience leading teams both small and large. In businesses across the world from the UK to the USA with stops in Europe, South East Asia and Africa. Along the way I have been honoured to have twice received recognition as the Worlds Best Director in the Industry, as well as many other great awards. I have decided to share my experience with the aim of helping others. The need for fun remains. Life is a journey and like all journeys its best enjoyed with a smile. I have great stories of success and less so. Advice and guidance that has been gathered from many unique sources. My thirst is still there but now so is my desire to share my learnings and the laughter. My service offering is filled with useful powerful insight and some great humous tales.